Projects in which the group is participating

1. ECORAIL - Regenerative Energy in Urban Trains
Reference: AAC n.º 21/SI/2008 - 5313
Participating Entities: EFACEC (Proponent Institution); Universidade do Minho and Metro do Porto.
Funding Entity: QREN (Quadro de Referência Estratégico Nacional).
Project Duration: May 2009 to December 2010
Abstract: The growing concern in reducing energy consumption, and the fact that one of the most important portions in the costs of operating a railway electric infrastructure is the energy cost, makes the topic of regenerative braking of utmost importance nowadays. The Efacec company has a project to regenerate energy in Metro Networks, proposing the study and development of two solutions: the storage of the regenerated energy in batteries or supercapacitors located in substations; the injection of the regenerated energy in the medium voltage alternating current grid. This project involves the collaboration of the Metro do Porto company, whose electrical network will initially be studied in terms of its energy performance, and subsequently, where it will be installed the developed solutions, which will be validated and evaluated in terms of energy efficiency gains and economic viability. The University of Minho participates in the project performing studies and simulations, and in collecting and analyzing data.

2. UPQC-IM-REI – Unified Power Quality Conditioner with Integrated Monitoring and Renewable Energy Interface
Reference: PTDC/EEA-EEL/104569/2008
Participating Entities: Universidade do Minho
Funding Entity: FCT (Fundação para a Ciência e a Tecnologia).
Project Duration: April 2011 to March 2013
Abstract: This project works on the development of a UPQC (Unified Power Quality Conditioner) to compensate voltage and current problems in the electrical systems, with innovative features consisting of: using the UPQC as an optimized interface between renewable energy sources and cogeneration systems with the power grid; combining the UPQC with energy storage elements, ensuring uninterrupted operation of a facility or set of moist important loads; integrating a supervision equipment who will conduct the monitoring of power quality and energy consumptions, and that will act in the setting of operation parameters of the UPQC, enabling the modification of its operating scheme, and dynamically optimizing its performance.

3. Assessment and Development of Integrated Systems for Electric Vehicles
Reference: MIT-Pt/EDAM-SMS/0030/2008
Participating Entities: Universidade do Minho (Proponent Institution); Instituto Superior Técnico and Universidade do Porto.
Funding Entity: FCT (Fundação para a Ciência e a Tecnologia).
Project Duration: 2009 to 2011
Abstract: This project aims to contribute to the development of sustainable vehicles as part of a strategy to build up new mobility paradigms. It includes separate sub-projects based on specific partnerships between industrial companies and technological research centers. The work program is divided into the following 8 tasks: 1 - Modeling of the power management system; 2 - Laboratorial implementation of the power management system, 3 - Implementation of a prototype; 4 - Electric vehicle Hybridization; 5 - Design of the motor-in-wheel unit; 6 - Sustainable composites; 7 - Smart Grid; 8 - Flexible design and sustainability analysis. The Group of Energy and Power Electronics of University of Minho is responsible for the tasks 2 and 7.

4. MobiCar - Design, development, testing and demonstration of sustainable mobility solutions (PPS 4: MOBICarPower - Development of powertrain architectures for electrical systems)
Reference: AAC n.º 36/SI/2009 - 13844
Participating Entities: VN Automóveis, S.A (Instituição Proponente); Universidade do Minho; CABELAUTO - Cabos Automóveis, S.A.; CEIIA; EFACEC Sistemas de Electrónica S.A.; Faculdade de Engenharia da Universidade do Porto; Instituto Superior Técnico; and Universidade do Porto.
Funding Entity: QREN (Quadro de Referência Estratégico Nacional 2007-2013).
Project Duration: November 2011 to December 2013
Abstract: The MobiCar project is an initiative of the Mobility Industry PCT in collaboration with the PCTs of Information Technology, Communication and Electronics (ICTE), and Energy, framed in the Electric Mobility (Mobi.E) Program and addresses the conception, development , testing and demonstration of the key modules that incorporate the new mobility’s requirements (seats, design and engine) and energy and information systems with application in different platforms for electric mobility environments (cities, passengers, among other applications).

Projects in which the group has participated

1. Industrialization of Shunt Active Power Filters of SINUS Project by EFACEC
Participating Entities: Universidade do Minho and EFACEC.
Project Duration: October 2008 to June 2009.
Abstract: This project aims the industrialization by the EFACEC company of equipments developed during the Project SINUS. The University will work with EFACEC during the industrialization process. The target equipments are: Single-phase Shunt Active Power Filter, 4 wires Three-Phase Shunt Active Power Filter. Also under this project will be developed Power Quality Monitoring Systems for the demonstration of the Active Power Filters.

2. SINUS – Technology for Dynamic Compensation of Harmonics, Power Factor and Imbalances
Reference: DEMTEC/020/1/03
Participating Entities: Universidade do Minho.
Funding Entity: Agência de Inovação (ADI).
Project Duration: February 2005 to April 2008.
Abstract: This project SINUS addressed the development of Shunt Active Power Filters to operate in 4 different facilities (a Textile Industry, a Pharmaceutical Industry, an Hospital and an University). Equipments have the function of monitoring the consumption and quality of electrical energy, dynamically compensate harmonics and current imbalances, and correct the power factor. It also makes possible to simultaneously act as interface for renewable energy sources with the power grid. The University of Minho worked with the Efacec company in the industrialization process of Shunt Active Power Filters for three-phase 4-wire systems, which technology developed in the Project SINUS.

3. Development of Interface for Renewable Energy Sources
Reference: POCTI/ESE/48242/2002
Participating Entities: Universidade do Minho.
Funding Entity: FCT (Fundação para a Ciência e a Tecnologia).
Project Duration: Abril de 2004 a março de 2008.
Abstract: This project dealt with the development of solutions to optimize the interface of clean renewable energy sources, namely, photovoltaic solar panels, with the low-voltage power grid. Simultaneously with the injection of energy, at the maximum power point, it is proposed to compensate the power factor, harmonics and imbalances of load current.

4. Development of Active Power Filters for Improved Power Quality
Reference: POCTI/ESE/41170/2001
Participating Entities: Universidade do Minho.
Funding Entity: FCT (Fundação para a Ciência e a Tecnologia).
Project Duration: May 2002 to October 2006.
Abstract: This project dealt with the development of solutions for Power Quality, namely: Power Quality Monitoring, Three-Phase Shunt Active Power Filter, Single-Phase Shunt Active Power Filter, and Control Systems for Shunt Active Power Filters.

5. Development of Equipment to Improve Power Quality
Funding Entity: Centro Algoritmi of Universidade do Minho.
Project Duration: 2001 to 2002.
Abstract: This project aimed to startup the development of different types of equipment to improve Power Quality supplied to both industrial, and commercial and residential customers.

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